Monday, July 06, 2015

Zooming In on our Intrepid Interns

I was recently experimenting with Photoshop and created a short video clip from a wide angle (40mm lens) shot of the TWR - Bonaire transmitter site.  This clip goes from a full frame view of the transmitter building and towers to an actual pixel sized crop of just Schylar (top) and Elizabeth (bottom) climbing the tower.

Now that I'm watching this video, especially the 720p version, I'm inspired to try the same thing on some wide field astro photos.  Like zooming from a wide angle shot of the Milky Way, all the way in to some specific feature like the "Coat Hanger" asterism, for example.  It has been very hazy and cloudy so far this summer, so this way i can recycle some of my old images.  :)

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