Friday, May 22, 2015

BYOF Featured on Adobe Youth Voices Community

I don't think I ever blogged about the recent visit by the King and Queen of the Netherlands with the Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation (BYOF), back on Rincon Day, April 30.  Dennis asked me to take some photos of the event, so I got a rare insider's view of the proceedings, which I inexplicably failed to share with you all.

Fortunately for us all, Adobe Youth Voices has posted a nice write-up of the Royal Visit, and some of the activities of the BYOF.  Check it out.

The BYOF has their headquarters/training center/youth hangout room in what used to be known as Master Control, here at the TWR - Bonaire studios.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brad!
I used to look at your blog all the time... sadly, because of the other not-insignificant things in life (wife, kids, work) i've dropped off. I'm getting ready to head down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with them family so i've got my vacation hat on and was *ahem* goofing off at work. I found the bookmark to your site that i originally made 7 years ago after i'd been to Bonaire a few times.

Keep blogging please! It's a reminder that i had the best times of my life on your little island. Before i was married i scuba dove there until i would fall asleep on the boat. I had a beautiful beach wedding at the Lion's Den/BuddyDive the next year. Two years later i was watching my first born toddle around the windsurfing beach by Sorobon.

Reading your blog makes me anxiously await my next visit (under who knows what happy circumstances)! Thank you again!