Monday, August 18, 2014

TWR Bonaire Photo Archives

Carol Van Dyken created a PowerPoint presentation consisting of hundreds of old images from a variety of TWR archives.  We showed it at the open house on Aug. 11.
I've uploaded the pictures from this PowerPoint to a new Picasa album.  Hopefully this link will take you there.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brad, when I try the link for this dropbox, I get an error message saying the link is broken. the file was removed. do you have another option for seeing this? I would love to see it.

Brad said...

Daryl can't remember what is what with the dropbox thing. I've uploaded the pictures to a Picasa album. But the last time I checked, I couldn't get to it from this blog. I'll work on that some more.

Anonymous said...

Today the link worked fine. Lots of dedicated people there - for whom the rest of Christians should be grateful. Jan Pabitzky - Topeka KS