Friday, September 20, 2013

Update from Our Listeners

The work involved in operating and maintaining the station here on Bonaire is never ending.  For a glimpse into why we persevere, check out the following paragraphs from a report we received this summer from Alberto Gonzales, our TWR partner in Cuba. 

"I went to preach at an event for Christian disabled workers in the city of C******.  There were pastors, missionaries or home church leaders, some of them blind and with other physical problems, but anyway serving the Lord with joy. When I was presented to the people, quickly many identified themselves as listeners of TWR.  There was Luis R., a blind man with his wife.  (pictured left and center, with Alberto-right)   I hugged this blind brother and his wife who was crying besides him. It was a very touching moment and all the people were excited and clapping.  He knew complete passages of my books that his wife had read to him and the topics of the programs of TWR.

But the biggest surprise was still ahead…  I****, a Roman Catholic catechist, whom I had seen the previous day imparting a biblical study in another room of the building, got up and said:  "Pastor, when I saw you yesterday night while you passed by and I was teaching, I hadn’t any idea who you were.  If so, I would have invited you to enter to my class because yesterday I was teaching to my Bible Study group your book "Living the Gospel".  Since we have been studying your book we have become your listeners and TWR programs every night..!  Our knowledge of the Christian faith has improved and changed completely from then on. Can you send us more material to use in our class?" 

I was not prepared to hear something like that..!  The impact of TWR in Cuba is a lot more than we imagine.  So, I gave to the group the audio CDs of the four books of the serial "Living..." and a DVD with more than 600 programs of “Messages of Faith and Hope.”   Without a doubt, the Holy Spirit is moving in a very special way in Cuba and He is using TWR Bonaire to reach all the corners of the Island, winning people for Christ and encouraging the believers to a better knowledge of the Word of God.  In our office, we continue receiving an average of 200 letters each month from listeners and people requesting biblical materials.  Many of them are new believers.”
It is great to hear from our listening audience.  People usually correspond with our regional offices, rather than directly to us on Bonaire.  But I’ll take second-hand reports, like the one above, any day!  And now you are hearing it third hand.  J   I hope you are encouraged by what the Lord is doing through the broadcasts as well.

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