Saturday, August 10, 2013

Milky Way Time Lapse Video

On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, I shot pictures of the Milky Way passing behind the TWR antenna towers.  I made the Tue. night exposures at ISO 3200 and the Wed. ones at ISO 1600.  I like the Wed. results better, so here is a 28 second video made up images shot between 8pm and 2am on August 7.  Each image was exposed for 34 seconds and there was a four second pause between shots.

The original video is at 1080p resolution, so if you have a HD screen and a fast Internet connection, be sure to click on the size buttons on the bottom right part of the frame so you can see the higher quality versions.


Unknown said...

Wow! Excellent. What toe of lens and apart urge did you use?

Unknown said...

Darn spellcheck ... Aperture

Brad said...

I used a Samyang/Rokinan/Bower 14mm lens wide open at f2.8. For the time lapse stuff I've been shooting for 30-34 seconds at ISO 3200, and occasionally at ISO 1600.