Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hear from one of our Radio Listeners

Here on Bonaire, we don't often get to meet the members of our international audience. So I'm pleased that TWR's web site is currently featuring the story of someone who heard our signal.  The following is a dramatic, but certainly not unique tale.

When Carlos was just 13, he joined the drug trade in the mountains of Colombia.  Over time, he became a specialist in the processing of cocaine with the largest “kingdom” in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range.  One day, Carlos was clearing vegetation by himself deep in the Colombian jungle and he badly sliced his leg with a machete.

Carlos says, "The blood did not stop. I thought that surely someone would help me, but nobody came. I was on the floor, unable to stand.  Then I saw a little radio in the room, so I turned it on. A man began to preach. I almost looked to see if he was standing beside my mattress speaking to me personally! He talked about my whole life: Today something happened to you, but that's minimal compared to all the evil you have done. It is just a warning. Don't run from God anymore.
That night, alone with an injured leg and a radio, I gave my life to the Lord."
You can listen to Carlos' story online,  or download the complete text as a pdf file.

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