Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Venus Transit and Green Flash Video

When the Sun got near the horizon, I took off the solar filter and made a video of the sunset.  Venus is the dark spot near the upper right edge of the Sun.  There is some green action along the top rim of the Sun, and then a small green flash as the last part of the Sun's disk disappears from view.
I uploaded this in 1080p HD, so if you have a 1080p TV or computer monitor, head to YouTube and you can see it full size.  I recently saw the time lapse Milky Way video on a friend's HD TV and it looked way better than it looks on my computer screen.
The sharp dark spot to the left of the center of the Sun is dirt on the lens, or something.  There are some sunspots visible, but they are not as distinct.


Anonymous said...

We watched this transit at the Outer Banks. We were able to see the beginning, before the clouds rolled in for sunset. Had our Bonaire eclipse glasses and all the family (22 Tangemans)got to see it. Brought back happy memories of Sera Largo and the 2004 transit!

Anonymous said...

That was an incredible combination of local and universal in the same footage: the local noise of Bonaire i.e. kids voices and donkeys braying in the background while viewing Venus transiting the sun, then the green flash and sailboat; plus Brad's commentary. Great job, Brad. Reminds me of seeing many green flashes, plus hearing the donkeys and kids.