Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Carnival Monday

This past Monday was a holiday here on Bonaire.  Some of us, who weren't nursing Carnival related hangovers, took the opportunity to get out and enyoy the great outdoors.  I had just done my weekly Washington Park bike ride the previous Saturday, so this Monday holiday was a great opportunity to get in some extra miles.
I have occasionally been known to haul full size cameras and lenses around on my rides, and some of the images have been worth it.  But this time I went with a small camera in a zip lock bag that I could drop into one of my bike jersey pockets.  Playa Funchi, above, was looking very peaceful indeed.
These guys opted to get in some quality fishing time.  Fishing from the edge of the island with a hand line can be quite dangerous in some parts of Bonaire.  But the seas were calm and the fish were biting at this spot.
Bise Morto is just a bit south of Playa Funchi.  This is a spot that I've never dived or snorkled.  We'll have to rectify that soon.

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