Tuesday, January 17, 2012

IBC is Growing

Actually, in this case, it is the church building that is growing.  Now that we've been using the new building for six months or so, we're moving ahead with phase two of the project, which is class rooms on the west side of the building.  As additional funds come in, we'll build some more;  a very traditional way of doing construction here on Bonaire.
Pouring the slabs by the doors at each end of the building was accomplished this past week by four hardy souls.  Above Dick from TWR dumps a load of concrete onto the south pad.  In the foreground you can see the steel and forms for the north pad.  That area in between is where the classrooms will be located.
Gene, who is here on Vacation! shovels rock and sand, while Dick dumps a load of concrete into his trusty wheelbarrow.  Dick said that the small size of the mixer was holding them up some.  Walt has a lead on a used "two bag" mixer in Miami.
Above:  Walt looks on as Epi dumps a load of concrete into a genuine IBC wheelbarrow.  Walt came to Bonaire to retire, but has ended up spearheading the church building project.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, was I worried when you didn't post for, what SIX MONTHS or more. Good to have you back. You say rock and sand. OK, I remember as a kid that the more "rock" (ie. that ubiquitous white corral all over the place) and less crushed "rock" meant bad cement. Still the case?
BTW, my Dad and his wife was your inlaws' "Penny Buddy" (ugh, I hate that term).

His, Rich Kennedy