Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wedding Bells

One time Bonaire resident, Benjamin Tangeman, was recently married in North Carolina to his sweetheard, Ruth Talbott. Below, from right to left is proud mother, Terri, Ben, Ruth, Ben's brother Cort, and Cort's girlfriend, Andrea. The serious illness and untimely passing of Ben's father, Tony, is what led to the family returning to the States a number of years ago, but God still has his hand of blessing on this family.
The wedding served as great bait to lure in a number of young people who knew each other as TWR Bonaire kids. Pictured below, from left to right are: Alison Hill, Tyler Bogart, Stephen Hill, Amy Hill, Benjamin, Melanie Hill, Tim Hollinger, Chris Hollinger, Heather Hill, Cort, and Sonja Shaw.

I'm sure that all of Benjamin's freinds from here on Bonaire join me in congratulating the happy couple.

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