Monday, December 20, 2010

Dreaming of a Soggy Christmas

It's still raining quite a bit here on Bonaire. Donna, from Republik, reports that we had 2.73 inches of rain this past Saturday. Other parts of the island may have had more or less than that, since it depends on exactly where the various clouds passed. We also had quite a cloudburst on Sunday, right between the end of the church service and the start of Sunday School.

Today wasn't too wet, I got in a nice dry bike ride after work - except for suffering a pinch flat at the bottom of a hill on the way home. Fortunately I had a spare tube and my trusty LED bike lights with me, so I was ok, even though I got home a litter later than usual.

In other seasonal news, we now have a bunch of LED Christmas lights, so we can afford to do some decorating, even with the high electricity costs here. Sandra has an LED bedside reading lamp as well. It is actually a very bright three LED bulb that screwed into her regular lamp. Way cool.

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