Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ivan Statia Anniversary

Ivan Statia recently completed his 35th year with Trans World Radio on Bonaire. Here is what director Joe Barker wrote at the time. I echo his sentiments completely.

Recently, TWR long time employee Ivan Statia recently celebrated 35 years of service to God through TWR. On the occasion of Ivan’s 35th year, the staff hosted a reception complete with pastechis and cake. Ivan is a great worker who is faithful to his commitment to God and excellent work ethic. It is an honor to serve alongside my friend and brother in Christ.

In the picture, from left to right, you can see Juni, Joe Barker, Ivan, Lionell, and Benny.


Marty Montour said...

Congrats to Ivan. Good man, really enjoyed working with him and the rest of the crew.

Marty Montour said...

Congratulations Ivan! You're a good man and I really enjoyed working with you and the others. Good job and thanks for your sacrifices.