Thursday, February 11, 2010

Up on the Tower Again

After months of on the ground painting and preparation, there are men up on our antenna towers again these days. They are beginning a four to six month process of replacing all the cross braces on our four towers.  Tower number three is in the worst condition, so that is the one they are working on first. 
They are repairing the places on the tower where the guy wires attach, and then they are going to go back and replace all the braces in between the guy wire points.
The guys were buffeted by 30 mph (48kph) winds, but seemed ok with that.  They had to be careful when raising and lowering the parts, so that they didn't go sailing out into space at the end of the hoist rope. 
 You can see (from left to right) Kevin, Lionel, and Juni installing some new braces.  The places where the bars touch the tower and touch each other haven't been painted yet because all the metal parts in the tower have to make good electrical contact with each other.  The tower is the antenna and the radio signal has to see it as one big unit.  The bare areas will be primed and painted after they are installed bolted down.
Here are a few of the old braces that were just removed from the tower.

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