Monday, November 16, 2009

Bonaire FM Fundraising Goal Met

Today we received a check for our new FM transmitter project that has allowed us to reach our goal. We might even be able to purchase a 500W transmitter instead of the 300W one we had originally planned on. (Our license allows us up to 500 Watts.)

Here are pictures of the contenders for the new Voice of Hope transmitter.

About 65% of the contributions to the Bonaire FM transmitter project came from our listeners here on Bonaire, and 35% came from friends in North America. A big Thank You to everyone, who prayed about this need or who contributed to this project.
We hope to have the new transmitter here and installed by the end of this year.


Doug B said...

Brad, How much more would be required to get the 500 W unit?

Brad said...

The new transmitter would cost about $1000 more than what has been raised so far. I think I can see another $500 coming in, so that leaves $500 un-accounted for.

Doug B said...

Brad, where would we send contributions for this effort?

Brad said...

Thank you for your interest, Doug. You can call TWR toll free at 1-800-456-7897 and use a Mastercard, Visa,Discover, American Express or Diners card.
You can also make a contribution online. The link to the bonaire FM project is
You could also mail a check to TWR, PO Box 8700, Cary, NC 27512 and designate it for the Bonaire FM project.

Brad said...

Update: TWR has just ordered the larger of the two FM transmitters, trusting that the extra funds will indeed come in.

Anonymous said...

i am very happy to see how God uses TWR Bonaire. For 5 year we made Dutch programmes for two hours a week between 1989 and 1994 and later from Holland TWR Hilversum. I have still hundreds of ready to transmit programmes for using again. please, tell me if you can and will use them. i will come again to bonaire to help you. Dutch retired Missionary for the Caribbean, Africa, India. Reactions to