Monday, October 19, 2009

Heavy Lifting

Pittsburgh may have its Steelers, but a team on Bonaire moved some serious steel this past weekend. A bunch of us from the International Bible Church moved all the beams for our new church building from behind Amado Felix's house in Hato, where they've been in storage, to the site of the new church building.
The Green Label nursery lent us their heavy duty truck to haul the steel, and the rest of us pitched in like a swarm of ants to move the giant beams.

They say, "many hands make light work" and in this case the results were obvious.

All the steel parts of the building are now laid out on pallets at the construction site. Walt will power wash the beams this week, and we'll wire brush and touch up any rusty areas. We plan to have a big painting party next Saturday.

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