Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Rules for the TWR Traffic Circle

There is a road crew out in front of the TWR office building this morning. They are putting up new signs and painting the road at the Hato traffic circle.

The right of way rules have changed, which should make things interesting for a while. Vehicles in the circle now have right of way over vehicles entering the circle. Apparently, the new traffic circle that is being built by Lisa gas will have the same rules.

This is a significant change for the Hato circle, so we are going to have to be super cautious while navigating these Bonaire traffic circles in the days to come.

On the other hand, most visitors to the island have always seemed to assume that the traffic in the circle has the right of way, so the new setup should work well for them. I think the Bonaire traffic circles are now the same as the one in Curacao on the ring road. (near the zoo)

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Richard said...

everyone's carnival "get me home autopilot" is going to be broken...uhoh