Monday, July 13, 2009

Kibrahacha Trees

We had the first good rain in about four months a week ago. I did a test ride on our new mtn. bike race loop to see how it was in the wet. It was great, meaning no mud. It will probably be rainy in November when the races are scheduled, so no mud is a good sign. This past week all the Kibrahacha trees all over the island burst into bloom.
I went out after work on Wednesday and took pictures of these trees on the hills to the East of the TWR offices.
We enjoyed looking at the trees around Gotto Lake on our early Thursday morning road bike ride, but I didn't stop to take pictures this time around.

It is getting to be somewhat of a challenge to take fresh new pictures of the exact same trees each year when they bloom.
The color of the flowers seems to be very tricky to capture in an image. They usually a lighter yellow that what the camera captures, although they get a little darker the second day. I first saw the trees blooming on Wednesday morning, and by Saturday, the flowers were completely gone, at least when seen from a distance.

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