Saturday, April 25, 2009

New IBC Building is on Bonaire

The steel beams and roof of the new International Bible Church of Bonaire building have arrived here on Bonaire. The trailer had two buildings on it, one for the IBC and one for the Green Label nursery.
Johan helps load the beams onto the Gradall forklift, while Walt supervises from the ground level.
Trans World Radio employed the same Gradall to install a satellite dish a year or so ago. I've seen it busy hauling cement loads to the second floor level at building sites too, so it is a versatile machine indeed.
The steel frame and roof will be augmented by block walls. You can see some design drawings of the new church building here. By the time the duty and local fees are paid, we'll probably have about NAf 12,000 left in our building fund. The cost estimates for pouring the footers/foundation and stacking the building total about NAf 50,000, so the church needs to do some more fund raising over the next few months.

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