Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

There were quite a few clouds here on Bonaire Wednesday night, so we didn't trek out to a dark corner of the island to view the Lunar eclipse. But it looked quite nice from our backyard. It sounded like some folks at the Golden Reef Inn were observing the eclipse as well. They even had their "killer flourescent lights of doom" turned off much of the time, which helped our views too. At first the eclipsed part of the moon was very dark and pretty much disappeared from view. Later as the sunlit part of the moon got small, the dark part of the moon seemed to get lighter.
This last shot is the totally eclipsed moon. I shot these pix through a Meade ETX 90 mounted on a Vixen Super Polaris german equatorial mount, and we observed the eclipse visually with a Meade LX50.

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Chris Bogart said...

Great shots Brad! Tonja and I sat outside with the boys under some blankets to watch it here in NC.