Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another Month Another Milky Way Picture

The moon didn't come up until about midnight last night, so I went out to my Sorobon Stargazing Spot and took some more wide angle pictures of the summer Milky Way. The sky was quite dark and clear, not as good as last month, but still above average. I also saw some great lightning to the South, and a very bright shooting star - fireball.

I kept this picture fairly small, but you can click on it to see it bigger. If you are into the Milky Way, you can pan around on this larger image and see all sorts of star clusters and dark nebula. My camera is quite insensitive to the light of the red emission nebulae. They show up in the picture, but don't stand out the way that they should.

This is sort of a quickie working copy. There is a lot more computer stuff like applying flat frames, bias frames etc. that I'll get around to doing some day.

If I get a chance during the next week or two, I'll try to take some more pictures that I can stitch onto the top and left side of this one. If you would like to see a really big panorama of the entire Milky Way, made up of 51 images taken over a period of three years, check out this site.

The Milky Way was actually positioned vertically last night. The right hand side of this picture was actually down by the horizon and the stuff on the left side of this picture was higher in the sky, like maybe 45 degrees up or so.

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