Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kids Camp

We recently had an end of the year overnight camp to wrap our church's Friday night kids club. We were able to enjoy the facilities of the APEM (CEF) campgrounds, pictured below, on the weekend before the week long APEM kids camp. Crafts, organized games, eating, and just general goofing off were the main items on our agenda for the weekend. The kids decorated kites and then had a go at flying them.
A number of the games involved water balloons. There was lots of screaming when the balloons burst, but the water actually felt refreshing. The final game was to see which team could find and pick up the most balloon scraps.
The name of the "Light and Life" kids club comes from Psalm 119:105, which reads, "Thy Word is a Lamp to my feet and a Light to my Life." Attending the camp was the reward for kids who memorized 27 Bible verses from the Navigators' Well Versed Kids booklet.
I had my telescope with me Friday evening, in order to try to observe the International Space Station pass in front of Jupiter. (I wrote about that in some previous posts) After my ISS session, the kids got to look at Saturn and Jupiter. I also brought the scope out to the campgrounds the following week so the APEM kids could do some observing.

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