Saturday, May 05, 2007

Brandaris Climb

They've just worked on the dirt roads in Washington Park, so driving and cycling in there is quite pleasant right now. The road to Playa Benji has also been redone. We'll be sure to snorkel there soon as it is one of my most favorite spots on Bonaire.

It was pretty clear last Saturday (Apr.28) so I drove in, snapped lots of pictures, and climbed Brandaris. This divi divi tree (above) is on the road to the park.
I like this big rock outcropping a lot, because I'm not sure whether it is going to fall to pieces first or break loose and roll down the hill first.
Abobe is a view of Playa Funchi. Bonaire old timers will notice that the big palm tree on the right side of the beach is no longer there. It's been gone for quite some time actually. Maybe "Lenny" did it in, I'm not sure.
I also made a panorama of three pictures of the Slagbaai salinja as seen from Brandaris. You'll have to follow this link to see it 'cause it is about 3000x700 pixels or so. On the left end of the picture, you can see the cliffs on the ridge that overlooks Bopec. On the right end of the picture, you can see Wayaka.

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