Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New online Gospel Music feed

One of the things I do when I have the time, is research and acquire new music for our TWR Bonaire on-air library. One great source of Christian music information and reviews is the Christianity Today web site. I particularly like their reviews of independent artists that one won't normally hear on the radio or see in the stores.

They've just started streaming Christian music from their site as well. Right now, they have a special program, airing a number of times a day, that features selections from their panel of music critics top rated albums of 2006.

There is a realPlayer feed and a Windows Media feed. I'm listening to the Windows Media feed right now, and it sounds great on my computer's M-Audio sound card, playing through the dynaco power amp, and KLH model 17 speakers I've got here in my office. We're talking about a 40 year spread of audio technology in this system!

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Unknown said...

There is a new artist fresh on the scene by the name of Yaphet John. He has an album called "The Praise Pattern". You can hear his songs on or find him on ebay selling his album under Beloved John Ministry. He has songs filled with the word of God, very uplifting, and thought provoking.