Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Paint is Flying

Here is a picture of Benny using what is the longest paint roller extension that I've ever seen. You know how paint speckles sort of fly off of a roller? Well when Benny rolled way up high on that wall and with the Bonaire winds, the paint was sailing to amazing distances. I still have paint on my jeans, and I was halfway across the parking lot.

We are beginning to spruce up the buildings and grounds, partly because they need it from time to time, and partly because we want to look our best when we celebrate TWR's 40th year of broadcasting from Bonaire.

The celebration will probably be either the weekend of Aug. 7 and 8 or the weekend of Aug. 14 and 15. It will depend on the schedules of the various luminaries who might or might not be attending. In other words, nothing is firmed up at this point.

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