Thursday, February 19, 2004

Much Maintenance

Keeping the TWR Bonaire facilities in tip top shape requires neverending maintenance. Ivan and Benny are fixing cracks in the building walls this week. I'll try to snap a photo of that one of these days. We also did some power washing of the walkways and walls and will be doing some touch up painting soon.

Cleaning the towers and tower painting looms on the horizon for later this year.

This has been a very rainy rainy season for Bonaire, so everything is as green as it gets. Rich West has been keeping the weeds at bay around the Office and the Activities Building. We've found that if you cut the weeds often, they end up looking somewhat like a lawn.
Here is another shot of Rich in action that looks a little more like Bonaire. The stink pond is in the background and cactus can be seen beyond that.

As an added Bonaire treat, we've noticed flamingoes in the stink pond lately.

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