Monday, October 02, 2006

New Bonaire Calendar

Last Saturday evening we dropped in at the launch party for the 2007 Bonaire Creations Calendar. It was great to see our old Hato neighbors (we've both since moved) and calendar creators, Jake and Linda Richter. We also we able to catch up with a number of Bonaire friends who we don't see all the time, and meet some new (to us anyway) people as well.

The launch party was held in the courtyard/driveway in front of the Antillean Wine Company facility. They are located in a very upscale rented storage spaces facility on Kaya Industrial. There are two blocks of storage units, and the paved area between them was perfect for hanging out in the evening.

It was also a perfect enclosed play area for the kids who were there. Some of the kids had come with equipped with rollerblades and some hadn't. It wasn't too long before they all were zooming around with one blade and one sneaker. I was impressed with their camaraderie as well as their one footed rollerblading skills.

Here is a link to a full size image of the scene as it was beginning to wind down later in the evening. It is a mini panorama, so Blogger may squash it when I post it here. You can see Jake sitting at the table underneath a giant size print of a calendar page. Unfortunately, Linda is hidden behind the group of calendar loving fans clustered at the table.

There were a variety of wines to sample, as well as some non-alcoholic champagne. I think I witnessed a new record for long distance cork popping late in the evening when they broke out a new bottle of the bubbly stuff for some of the kids.

One can't have a wine tasting party without cheese, so Jake spent Saturday afternoon cutting out little cubes of a number of cheeses as well as ham and sausage. Thank's Jake. There was a smoked cheese that I really liked, and everyone was raving about the Bonairian goat cheese. Yum!

We picked up a few of the calendars to use as Christmas presents for some of our immediate family members. The rest of you can get your own 2007 Bonaire Creations Calendar online at Bonaire Stuff and at Caribbean Art.

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