Friday, September 29, 2006


Last Saturday, I was just getting over being sick for a week, so I didn't do my customary long bike ride around the island or Washington Park trek.

But I rode my trusty mtn. bike to a dirt road leading to a small hill which is sort of hidden south of a big hill, that is to the south of Dos Pos.

The dirt road turned into a trail that eventually petered out in a thorn bush thicket. Once I got home, I plotted my GPS path on my trusty geological survey map and saw that I was really close to connecting to another path that Sandra and I had been on a week earlier. I'll try again sometime - without the bike.

There were a some great views looking back towards Gotomeer. Here is one of them. The flamingos were hanging out right by the road that day. I also assembled some panoramas that aren't quite ready to post yet.

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