Friday, September 22, 2006

More Bonaire from the Air

Ernie Franke did some more flying around Bonaire a week or two ago. His son snapped lots of pictures .

Here is a view of the reef at Sorobon, and the White Hole on the ocean side of the reef. We have also spent many enjoyable hours snorkeling on the inside of the reef line. Those dark patches are all shallow coral areas, and home to zillions of small fish.

I like this view of the South corner, between Red Slave and the lighthouse. You can see how much coral there is as soon as you start to go around the curve towards the east side of the island. The current can be quite strong in this area, but it is worth exploring whenever the wind and waves calm down. I also like the way that you can see the ancient rectangular salt pans on the inside of the road.

Here's a picture that shows the nice shallow snorkeling at Old Blue. I love the way that you can see Rincon on the other side of the ridge at the top of the picture. It helps me figure out where things are located with respect to each other. In the full size original picture, I was able to spot a few of the dirt roads that we cycle on regularly. Posted by Picasa

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