Friday, September 08, 2006


David deLima dropped in at the TWR office earlier this week. It was great to see him again. He visited his old stomping grounds here on Bonaire about four years ago as well. Davi spent about the first 17 years of his life here on Bonaire. We got our scuba diving certification together back in 1979 or so. A bunch of us Hato-ites would pile in my dune buggy each day and head to the Flamingo Beach Hotel, where Linda introduced us to the underwater world. Our first open water dive was right about where the Helma Hooker is now.

I took this picture in front of one the panels on our "memory lane" display along the studio stairs. If you click this link to see a full 3000x2000 pixel version of this picture (and you have your browser set to NOT resize the photo) you can scroll around the image and see Davi with his family back when he was a teen. He's in the photo with the yellow band around it.

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