Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rover's Revenge

We just sold our green Maruti Suzuki, known alternately as the Green Bean, the Frog, and the Dogmobile, to make room for the buggy. See the buggy post below.

Last night, one or more of the dogs (they aren't saying who it was) let us know what they think about this, by leaving us a little surprise that I discovered this morning.

You can test your understanding of "dog speak" by studying this picture.


Anonymous said...

I hope that hose isn't important :)

Anonymous said...

The dogs get blamed for EVERYTHING!! :-) But I'm more concerend that you have converstations with them!

Jonathan G.

Anonymous said...

I think the neighbourhood rats did it...and left the pieces on the dogs' cushions so that it would look like they did it!