Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Family Fun on Bonaire

Our son, Richard, and his girlfriend, Nancy, are here for a couple weeks. I'm taking a few days off from work and we're hanging out and having fun.

I'm working on the new green Suzuki too, so it will be ready for action once we register it next week. You haven't lived until you have taken tubeless tires off their rims with a couple big screwdrivers and a sledge hammer. I've wire brushed the rims to get the rust off, and painted them. Now I'm trekking all over the island to see if I can find a couple of the right size tires. So far, no good.

We went fireworks shopping this morning. New years eve is a big fireworks time and this fireworks deprived New Jersey boy really gets into it. Here are some photos of the plus or minus 15 minute long string of firecrackers that two local businesses set off in front of the Napa store last year last year. We'll be there again this year. I may bring a sound leval meter this time instead of a camera.

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