Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Pasku Briante Update

On Saturday, Sandra went to Curacao with Dennis and Luca, and the Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation kids. They had a great time and distributed gift boxes to some 300 kids. They divided the kids up by age group for activities and had group meetings as well. The team also used short dramas to communicate the Christmas story and the plan of salvation.

They were assisted in Curacao by a church youth group which, at the end of the day, expressed a desire to set up a similar outreach of their own for next year.

There is a writeup about the project in today's EXTRA newspaper. Scroll down to page 2.

If the EXTRA takes too long to load, I've also posted some pictures from Dennis on our club photo site.

Sunday was Pasku Briante day on Bonaire, with more kids, games, activities and gift boxes. It was a great success but Dennis and Luca will probably need the whole Holiday Season to recuperate from all the hard work they put in on this project.

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