Friday, December 05, 2003

Bowling and airport update

Rich Fuller went to the bowling meeting last night and there are some 17 teams that want to do the bowling league thing, so we will definitely get to know more people in the community through this. We'll be bowling on Tuesday evenings, starting in January.

Three planes landed at our little airport within about a half hour on Wednesday afternoon. I saw Air Jamaica land when I was out at the transmitter site and even shot a picture of it. (not posted)

Then when I was passing the end of the runway on my way back to the Studios, a BonairExcel plane and a KLM plane were on the way in. I stopped and snapped one as it passed overhead and the other from further away.

I had the camera on full wide angle for both shots because the planes come in low and close. In the second photo, you can see that the fence and the runway lights have all been repaired after the private plane hit them a few weeks ago.

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