Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas from Bonaire

It's 8 am Christmas day and here I am at my desk in the office. What is wrong with this picture!
Well, I just dropped in to change the backup tape in our computer server room. Each tape holds 100 gigs, uncompressed, but we need two of them to back up all our audio files. So we got half last night and then we'll get the rest tonight. Then I can let is slide for a day or two, 'cause we won't be downloading or editing any radio programs until Monday. Boxing day is a holiday here on Bonaire. hooray!

I got outside at 6 today, to let one of the dogs answer the call of nature. The stars were great, with Scorpius coming up in the south east, the southern cross pretty high in the south, and Jupiter right overhead.

Since I was up, I decided what the heck, and fired up my trusty Cateye lights and took off around the north end on my bike. So now I can be a Christmas couch potatoe with a clear conscience.

Then showered and stopped at Buddies grocery and picked up a can of peanuts so we'd have something to munch on while watching those Christmas specials on TV. (we are christmas cookie impared)

It really great having the transmitters and studio operations computerized and automated these days. We all always had to work extra on Christmas to air the special programming. Now we can set it up ahead of time and hang out at home with our families. Here is a picture of what the program log for part of Christmas eve looks like, and here is one of Maggie setting up the log that is airing right now on Christmas day.

First we load the programs into the computer and edit them. Then we tell the computer where to find them to play them on the air, and voila, we're good to go.

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