Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Rainbows sighted on Bonaire

I think I mentioned recently that we have had a lot of rain here on Bonaire recently, well, at least a lot of rain for Bonaire. It's gotten cooler too. We've seen temperatures of 78 and 79 degrees at our house first thing in the morning. That kind of temperature, together with a 15 mph trade wind, is VERY comfortable, especially compared to the really hot and muggy October and November we had.

It tends to rain first thing in the morning and then clear up. So it is not unusual to see rainbows. Once it rained at night when there was a full moon coming up and we saw, and I think I have a slide of, a moon rainbow. But I digress....

There have been nice rainbows that we've seen while at Church two Sundays recently. Last week, it was so cool that the pastor mentioned it from the pulpit and everyone turned around and checked it out. It was a double rainbow. The back of the church building is pretty much wide open when the two big roll up doors are rolled up so it is easy to see what is happening outside.

Here is a picture taken on the tennis courts behind the church building a couple Sundays ago. The fuzzy black shape framing the picture is the chain link fence through which I was shooting. The cool thing about this rainbow is that it seemed to terminate right by the Hato Branch of the Maduro & Curiels bank, which brought to mind the "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" traditions.

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