Thursday, January 08, 2004

Happy New Year

New Years Eve was great. We drugged the dogs and put them in one of the double insulated soundproof studios from 10pm to 1am. So they were blissfully unaware of the mayhem taking place all over Bonaire as the new year approached.

We shot off our meager supply of roman candles, sky rockets, and Sandra's favorites; cardboard tanks and chickens. The chickens were particularly lame this year, but Sandra still had fun burning them up with the mighty firepower of the tanks.

On Saturday, we all piled into the trusty Samurai and set off in search of Freddie Flamingo. Flamingos are notoriously shy creatures and start to move away as soon as they see you. Here is a shot of Richard and Nancy deep in the wilds of Bonaire.

Here are some of Freddies friends, and lo and behold, Freddie put in a special appearance right by the road at Goto Lake.

We then continued on to Ricon, where it really does seem that Priscas ice cream stand is no more. We settled for stewed chicken and goat from some roadside stands, with side dishes of rice, funchi, and tutu. Yum.

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