Monday, January 26, 2004

New Generator is online

The new standby generator is fully operational. The tech. wizard from the dealer in Curacao came over to Bonaire today and checked out our installation, performed the initial start up, and did the proof of performance tests.

The genset runs great and works perfectly. They ran it at normal load, full load, and overload; and it pulled like a champ.

The best news is that our UPS systems are "happy" with the quality of the power output of this genset. There was no way to be absolutely sure of this until we actually ran the unit. But after powering our critical systems for a while during the gemerator setup process, the UPSs switched off line and began recharging their batteries once the generator started supplying power.

I added a few final photos of the inside of the ATS, as well as a couple of the genset with it's covers off while it was being set up and tested. My usual comments about clicking on the pictures to see larger versions apply here.

This may be the final entry in the standby generator story, Praise the Lord.

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