Monday, December 13, 2010

Islands, Radio Stations and TWR

In addition to Bonaire, TWR also broadcasts Bible based programs from the islands of Cypris, Sri Lanka, and Guam. The Guam station is in the middle of a major rebuild and upgrade. They have a blog so we can keep up to date on the project progress.

In spite of the weak global economy, over 650,000 dollars has been donated towards this project this year. We are especially encouraged by a number of radio stations in North America that have partnered with TWR so their listeners can participate in radio ministry on a global scale.

For example, in November, Moody Radio stations in three major cities (Cleveland, OH, Chattanooga, TN, Tampa, FL) and KCBI-FM in Dallas, TX, held a "Love Asia by Radio" two-day campaign. 2,577 calls were fielded by volunteers at a call center set up at the Cary, NC offices, and over $270,000 was received in gifts and pledges.

Many other radio stations have helped TWR over the years. Back in 2006, I wrote about radio station executives who visited TWR ministry centers in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Bonaire.

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