Monday, December 13, 2010

More "Underwater" Shots from Bonaire

Back on Nov. 21, I posted some pictures of TWR's underwater antenna field. Here are some shots of Bonaire's latest underwater attraction. Some big rains about a week ago, filled up Goto Lake and it spilled over the road from Bopec to Dos Pos. This part of the road has flooded before, but this time around, there is water spilling over some other areas of the road that I've never seen covered before.
Bonaire's latest underwater attraction is a hit with tourists and locals alike. If you click on the picture, you can see, in the background, the top of the goat fence that usually extends a few hundred meters across the dry salt flats.
Here is another shot of the goat fence, with Brandaris in the background.

You know, I didn't realize it until later, but if I had paid a little attention to the lighting angle, I probably could have gotten a good "running on water" picture, shades of the walking on water scene in Superman I.
The road was closed for much of last week, but by Saturday, the waters had receeded enough for the road to be open again. I decided that the water was probably too salty to drive or bicycle through, with my own equipment anyway.

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