Monday, December 13, 2010

History Comes Alive II

A week or two after we visited St. Augustine, FL, we found ourselves in Plymouth, Massachusetts, home of the Pilgrims, Plymouth Rock, and the Mayflower. Plymouth Plantation is a recreation of what the settlement would have looked like in about 1640 or so. The is a recreated 17th century Massasoit indian village too.
And we explored the Mayflower II, just before closing time that afternoon. Sandra got to help some of the friendly and knowledgable crew batten down the hatches, literally, for the night time hours.

Plymouth village was loaded with actors who dressed and talked like it was 1640. Sandra had an absolute blast conversing with them. Here she is "helping" one of them mix mud, which will be used to plaster the interior walls of the storage building they were constructing.

What the above picture doesn't show is that that mud was reeeeealy cold.

Here is Sandra, with another of the Pilgrims, as she checks out the living arrangements inside one of the houses.

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