Saturday, April 15, 2006

Radio Station Execs Visit Bonaire

We recently had a group of visitors from the USA. They were Christian radio stations executives interested in seeing what TWR's international radio ministry was all about.

Before joining us on Bonaire, they visited TWR offices and studios in the Dominican Republic and in Venezuela. They conducted some training sessions and also learned about ministry opportunities that they can share with their listeners back home.

We turned the studio lobby into a food court so we could hang out with our guests.

We had am especially fun time talking to Larry and Janet Weidman, (second and third from the left below) who founded WGRC-FM. They have a station in Lewisburg, PA, as well as five other central PA towns. Our son, Richard, lived in Lewisburg for five years while attending Bucknell.

Eddie and Sonja, of Eddie's Gourmandise provided the delicious buffet.Posted by Picasa

Here we see one of our visitors interviewing a local iguanna expert. The execs. sent regular reports to their listeners back in the USA.

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