Monday, April 24, 2006


We've seen some great sunsets during the last couple weeks. I've seen people taking pictures while I've been on my after work bike rides.

We'll frequently feed the dogs right around sunset time, so we can watch the sky, while we ride herd on the chow hounds.

I've been wanting to scout around for some good places to take some sunset pictures. A few nice big cactus or divi divi tree shapes in the foreground and a clear view of the western sky would be perfect.

It dawned on me the other evening (inverse pun not intended) that I should take some test shots from the backyard, so that I will be sure to get good images when I do venture out on a sunset photo safari. My camera has a pre-set for sunsets, so I snapped a few to see how the default setting looked. The colors came out quite realistic, so now I really need to scout out some super sunset shooting spots.

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