Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rainy Season is Here

September was reasonably windy this year. And unlike what often happens, we did have wind for the 42nd Bonaire Regatta back at the beginning of October. The winds weren't super strong, and varied a lot, but it seems to me that any wind is better than no wind. New records were set for the around Bonaire race, which is pretty cool. I didn't take any boat pictures this year, which might be a record too.

We had a big day of rain at the beginning of the week and another big rainy day on Saturday. Donna measured almost an inch of rain on Saturday. The temperatures have dropped a little bit now, and we get some rain most every morning. So I think we can safely say that rainy season, Bonaire style, is officially here.

Bonaire is looking super green already. We've mowed the weeds in our back yard once so far and it is due for another trimming. Some parts of the yard even look like real grass lawn.

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