Monday, October 19, 2009

Water Works

We have a cold water based air conditioning system in the TWR studios here on Bonaire. The noisy compressors and condenser fans are located in an adjacent building which keeps the noise and vibration out of the recording areas, and the cold water that they make is pumped around to the various offices and studios to keep them cool. We've been losing water from the system, and after checking all the zillions of pipes running throughout the site, we think it might be leaking out of the big cement water storage tank that helps even out the day / night loads on the system. So we've borrowed the 1600 gallon plastic tank shown above from WEB, patched it into the system, and have drained the water out of our 7000 gallon main tank so we can look for and repair any leaks. The plastic tank is in the process of being bundled up in pink insulation to help keep the cold water cold.
Adding the temporary tank into the circuit was a plumber's nightmare, complete with stuck valves and broken pipes, but the guys were able to pull it off with a minimum of leakage and a minimum of down time.

Here we see Ron, Ivan, and Benny breathing a big sigh of relief after getting the system back up and operating on the temporary tank. Over the weekend we've noticed that we are still losing some water from the system, arg. We'll clean the sludge out of the main tank and inspect it for leaks, but it might not be the main culprit after all.

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