Monday, October 19, 2009

FM Transmitter project

Our FM transmitter, here on Bonaire, died last December. We obtained parts from as far away as California and Italy and had it back on the air for about a week or so in the spring. When it died again, our engineers recommended that we not put any more time and money into the old transmitter, which has been acting up for quite some time. So we are raising money to buy a new transmitter.

We'll need about ten thousand six hundred guilders ($5955) for the new transmitter, and the various costs and fees to get it here. We've distributed some fliers in English and Papiamentu here on the island, and have some promotional spots on the air as well.

How can we have announcements on the air if our transmitter is dead you ask? Well, the Voice of Bonaire radio station has graciously loaned us their backup transmitter.

So far we have received almost three thousand guilders from our listeners here on Bonaire and I anticipate that we could be about half way to our goal by the end of the year. I think we could actually meet our goal by the end of this year if some of our overseas friends would assist with this project too. You can make a contribution online here at the TWR global Web site.

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