Friday, September 25, 2009

Lounging Loras

Lately, lots of Loras have been lounging around in our Wayaka tree. So after work this afternoon, I did some hanging around too, and got a nice picture of this one.It was pretty windy today, like 20 knots out at the windsurfing spot, so the tree branches, and the birds, were bouncing up and down like crazy. I would have been sea sick for sure.
I set the camera to rapid fire mode hoping that once in a while, an exposure would happen while the bird was stationary at one end of the bounce or the other. This one came out nice and sharp, although when I blew the image up to 100%, I could see that the neck was a little more in focus than the eye, grrrr. The lens was wide open to maximize the shutter speed at ISO 400. Maybe next time I'll try stopping the lens down a bit for more depth of field, and try shooting at ISO 800 to keep the shutter speed up there.

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