Monday, September 21, 2009

Windmills in place

The wind turbines for the new Bonaire wind farm have all been assembled, as seen from the outside anyway.

I haven't seen any of them spinning yet.

I rode my bike to a spot overlooking Rincon last Friday and got a picture of them. The sky had more haze than I expected, so I processed the picture a fair bit. I'll go back sometime when it is really clear (who knows when that will be...) and try again.

When you are on the ground in Rincon, the hills hide most of the wind turbines from view.

The Rincon Catholic church is midway up the extreme left edge of the picture. The Rincon police station and soccer field is midway up on the right side of the picture. I think that you'll have to click on the thumbnail to see the picture bigger in order to see the wind turbines.

1 comment: said...

I live on St. John, US Virgin Islands. VERY interested in the Wind EnergyBall V100 or some other type wind turbine that is being or has been installed on Bonaire. Can you give me a name and telephone number of a person to whom I could speak, first-hand, to get more information?