Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Science Lectures Last Night

I enjoyed two interesting lectures Monday night, at the new CIEE facility across the street from the old CIEE place on Kaya GN Debrot. We used to be packed in like sardines in the old building, but the new one is really airy and spacious. The first lecture was about the factors and forces that shaped Bonaire's coastline in the recent geologic past. The discussion of core samples from the saliñas was particularly interesting.
The second lecture was about a project to get a baseline of the water conditions in the many saliñas in the Washington Park area. One highlight was the team's innovative deployment of numbers of relatively inexpensive commercial sensors, which they then calibrated with a high precision scientific grade instrument.


Doug said...

Are these presentation online somewhere? I'd be interested to see the PPT slides at least.

Brad said...

I don't know if there are plans to put these two presentations online. STINAPA did state that they intended to post the slides from last month's lectures... I've been holding off blogging about last month's lectures in the hope that I could include a link to the online materials. So far, I don't see them on the STINAPA site.