Friday, February 20, 2009

Moon and Planets

It has been amazingly cloudy and rainy here lately. But it might be clearing up just in time for a great show in the morning sky.

I went out this morning about a half hour before sunrise and saw Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury making a nice line in the sky. The moon was to the upper right of this planetary parade, but it will be joining the fun Saturday am and especially Sunday am. Sky and Telescope has a nice chart showing what to expect Sat. and Sun.

I snapped a picture of the planets this morning. I needed binoculars to spot Mars. I've brightened Mars in this picture so that it is easier to spot. So although Mars looks as bright as Mercury in this image, it wasn't like that in the sky. You'll need to click on the picture to see it big enough to spot the planets.

I plan to be on my bike at 6am on Sunday, participating in the Walk/Bike event to benefit Jong Bonaire, but I think I'll bring my camera along so I can get a picture or two of the moon and planet show if the weather cooperates.

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