Sunday, June 15, 2008

Plucky Pelicans

We were snorkeling between Trans World Radio and the Salt Pier yesterday afternoon. We saw zillions of schooling bait fish of various sizes.

We also saw a pelican cruising along the shoreline... which reminded me that I had recently ventured out by the salt pier early in the morning to see if I could catch some Pelicans drying themselves off after a cold dark night. Here's one still enjoying the sunshine on the shore.
EEEEEK! Is there no privacy at all around here?
I love watching the pelicans gliding along the shoreline.
They tuck their wings into attack mode as they dive downward. The closer they get to the water, the more compact they seem to get.
I still am waiting for the definitive pelican diving into the water shot. I can pan along with the pelican as it dives, but then when it hits the water, I'm still panning and overshoot. I think I'll have to anticipate the point of impact. Should be fun.

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